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About Us

KIWIVISION is a limited-edition eyewear company based in Madrid and handcrafted in the Canton province, China.


The brand was founded by people who love modern history and arts and have a strong experience in the fashion design industry. The interplay between them and discipline drive the joy towards experimentation. They pursue a clear aesthetic vision in a very open-minded multicultural work environment.  They are individual talents who guide the product through every stage.Kiwivision is a community reigned by the synergism between Asian and European  culture. 


Each pieces are handcrafted modern designs made by hands with more than 40 years of experience. Real expertise in manufacture combined with an advanced technology define the brand aesthetic.

All products from KIWIVISION are Limited Edition , less than 100 pieces each.

Kiwivision offers high-end and a small production crafted sunglasses with a sharp eye-catching design.  

Sometimes charming, sometimes elegant, always creative, the Kiwivision collections are made for individuals who care for themselves and they are also a bit selfish but always care about being socially responsible. People who appreciate impeccably made glasses and technical innovation.